First Experience by Andrea Knezovic

Prvo Iskustvo from Andrea Knezovic – Artist on Vimeo.

The video First Experience explores the complexity of defining and talking about a first sexual experience. It is a very different experience for everyone and it could mean many different things. For some, it can be their first intercourse, for others a first kiss. It’s all about the moment when we comprehend and actually grasp the idea of our own sexuality and the event that triggers it. We can remember those experiences fondly or they can be a source of great confusion or even trauma, but it is unequivocal that those first experiences are exceptionally crucial in everybody’s lives.

The first sexual experience is something that people consider to be very intimate and they often struggle talking about it. We are also programmed to consider sex as shameful, dirty, and sinful. It is hard for people to break out of that notion. We often like to think of ourselves as very open, progressive and unreserved about sex, but the programming can still be detectable.