The Assumption by Andrea Knezovic

What it really means to be open, nonjudgmental, accepting and truthful to ourselves and others? Why do we still hide behind superfluous taboos? Women especially are often unable to be comfortable with their sexuality or sexuality of others. Certain things are still hidden or lied about. You could argue that those types of behavior were imposed upon women throughout history. But is it not possible to break out of society’s rules and expectations? Or simply break out of ourselves?

Sexuality is complex beyond doubt. It’s an integral part of our lives, but it still somehow stays hidden and surreptitious. Sex is considered to be shameful, dirty, and obscene. Something we must suppress, obscure and bury deep, deep down. The result is women and men who are frustrated, afraid and inhibited. Generations of people who are not fulfilling their desires, longings, and pleasures. Are we going to break the mold?