Andrea Knezovic Artist

Andrea Knezovic is a multimedia artist born in 1992 in Croatia. In 2014, she received a BA degree and in 2017, an MA degree in multimedia art at Academy of Arts, Osijek, Croatia. In 2015, Andrea received an award for best work for her video First Experience at the Academy of Arts, Osijek annual exhibition. In 2016, she participated in an international residency called Tropical Lab in Singapore among 28 artists from around the world and exhibited her work at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Singapore. She exhibits in Croatia and abroad and lives and works in Osijek, Croatia.

Education: 2011 High School of Arts, Osijek, Croatia

2014 BA degree, Academy of Arts, Osijek, Croatia

2017 MA degree, Academy of Arts, Osijek, Croatia


Artist Statement

I work mostly in video and photography mediums, exploring subjects and ideas based on self-representation and questions regarding authenticity and identity. I am also interested in the representation of female behavior, appearance, and sexuality in art and society, trying to challenge different stereotypes and roles. My goal is to explore different mediums as well as to delve deeper myself and my identity in order to transform those ideas into artworks that challenge the audiences, their stereotypes, and encourage them to observe things in different ways.

Exhibitions and festivals:


Zagreb, Croatia, Galerija Događanja, Libertine – Solo Exhibition

Osijek, Croatia, Esseker Center, Pičkin Dim Exhibition


          Osijek, Croatia, Gallery of Fine Arts, About Photography at the Art Academy

          in Osijek, curator Vladimir Frelih

          Pula, Croatia, Media Mediterranea Festival

          Osijek, POPUP34, solo exhibition Story of the “I”

          Belgrade, Magacin Kraljevića Marka, Video/audio Exhibition

          Osijek, Croatia, Encounters In The Making, curator Ines Matijević- Cakić

          Osijek, Croatia, Kazamat, Bure Baruta, curator Ivan Roth

          Sankt-Petersburg, Russia, Artzond Festival of Contemporary Art


          Novi Sad, Serbia, Fabrika, Razlike, curator Goran Despotovski

          Singapore, Institute of Contemporary Arts, Tropical Lab, curator Bella Star and

          Silke Schmikl

          Pula, Croatia, Media Mediterranea Festival

          Sisak, Croatia, Star Film Fest

          London, Southwark Platform, Abeerance #9

          England, Average Art Magazine, October Issue

          South Korea, CICA Museum, 2nd International Exhibition of Conceptual Art,

          Curator Leejin Kim

          Belgrade, Serbia, Ostavinska Gallery, Rascenzurisaše li se ti umetnici


          Novi Sad, Serbia, Fabrika, Razlike, curator Goran Despotovski

          Osijek, Croatia, Annual exhibition of Academy of Arts Osijek (award for

          best work)

          Osijek, Croatia, Waldinger Gallery, Awarded students of UAOS 2015

          Lovinac, Croatia, MMK Multimedia camp


          Rijeka, Croatia, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka, Nuclear love

          Pančevo, Serbia, 16th Biennale Pančevo


          Osijek, Croatia, Nuclear Love, iz ciklusa Tri hitne intervencije u tvrđi